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Britni Ricard Reveals How She Successfully Navigated Her Pregnancy While Running A Multi-Million-Dollar Skincare Business!

by Pamela Booker 10 Jan 2023
Britni Ricard BET Feature

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for women. This feeling seriously intensifies when your calendar is booked to capacity with business meetings, events, performances, and public appearances. It is not often talked about, but this is often the case for celebrities and businesswomen who are the face of their brand.

Britni Ricard, the CEO of Cota Skin Care, recently chatted with BET Lifestyle about her pregnancy journey and how she managed to run her multi-million-dollar skincare business while vowing to prioritize her health and self-care needs as an expectant mom. Read about her experience below.

BET Lifestyle: We heard you recently welcomed your first child, congratulations! How did you go about preparing for the birth of your baby while running a multi-million-dollar skincare business?

Britni Ricard: Preparing for the birth of my baby took a lot of strength and delegation. I had to go from being so hands-on with my business to leaning on my fiancée and team for assistance during the process.

Entering into my last trimester, I had an enormous amount of deals to close at once. It was mind boggling, but I got it done. I would love to note that my fiancé played a major role in holding me accountable and keeping me in good spirits. Read the Complete Article Here

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