COTA Skin redefining skin standards.


Cota Skin is redefining skin standards for everyone by providing you with a routine like no other.

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I Absolutely Love Cota Skin

I absolutely love this product and suggest it to all my family/friends looking for amazing skincare products! As my Cota Family know, we can take pictures without filters our skin so smooth and clear!!!

Cota Bundle

sequoia _lynng

Face card never declined!!

I was sick with a failing liver & all the medications that I was taking took a tremendous toll on my skin. A nurse recommended @cota skin & what a difference it made!! So y'all better get you some!! Face card never declined!!

Cota Deluxe



...As a lupus warrior I get rashes sometimes so when I first purchased some in January I used for like a week then got COVID so I did a basic face wash. My Lupus spiraled honey and my skin started breaking out and getting rash so I used the moisturizer to calm my face/skin. Finally two months later I got back into the full Cota routine and already starting to see the glow again. So be sure to tell the other cousins, from one lupus warrior to another the moisturizer may help calm the face. SN: now I have to wait and purchase another set as my moisturizer is pretty much gone lee thanks girls

Cota Deluxe

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